Our team worked like a well oiled machine. The reason why we were able to work so well together was because we were able to work to everyone's strengths or weaknesses.

Our teams Strengths
We were able to 
                    work together
                    hold discussions
                    listen to suggestions
                    follow instructions
                    work to deadlines
Our teams Weaknesses
We needed help with
                   Knitting,crocheting and appliquing
                   blog posts

Outside Help 
We did have some help along the way to guide us
                  Mrs Hackett - Felting
                  Mr Georgeou - Welding
                  Mrs Stewart - Knitting, crochet and applique
                  Carolyn - Applique

Our class pulled together to completed this project. It was a pleasure to watch them enjoying each other's company while working together over the past two terms..


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i hate that photo of me but this is about archi/baa baa bovine not my ugly photo's.......lol


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