Archibull's Name :             Baa Baa Bovine

Food or Fibre Industry featured:       Wool

Who was featured in the making of our Archibull: 

This was a project in which the whole school (teachers and students) were involved. However, the majority of the project was completed by 6E. They learnt new skills during the process such as knitting, crocheting, applique, felting, blanket stitch, all of which can be seen on our finished cow.

Theme:                       Wool - Paddock to Product

Concept:                   Studying wool from the sheep's back to high end fashion 
                                 and how we can promote sustainability by reusing and recycling  
                                 this natural product.

Stylistic Influences: The different textures and forms that wool has and how it can be
                               used. These included:
                                                              * raw and greasy
                                                              * clean and dyed
                                                              * spun
                                                              * yarn - natural and coloured
                                                              * knitting, crochet, applique
                                                              * fabric
                                                              * machine and hand knitting
                                                              * clothing - new and old recycled products

What makes your Archibull unique: 
He is unique in that he represents a variety of techniques used when producing woollen products, demonstrates the stylistic influences listed above as well as providing a visual representation of our theme "Paddock to Product".

12/11/2013 10:56:49

HEY baa baa bovine your covering mrs cividin's face

12/11/2013 10:57:57

p.s thats the top one but the bottom 2 the sheep is awesome thanks to gwynneville students and teachers


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