On Thursday the 15th August we met Renee Riverier our local ECO Champion.Renee currently works for Conservation Volunteers Australia and came to our school to talk about what she does, how we can save the environment and resource management.

From a very young age we learn't that Renee had a passion for the environment. She went to a small school in Victoria of only about 30 children and enjoyed being outdoors whenever she could. Looking for frogs was one of her favourite outside activities.

On leaving school Renee had a variety of jobs from working in outdoor education,real estate, teaching english, working on the ski fields in Japan  to her current position with Conversation Volunteers Australia.

An interesting fact that Renee mentioned was that she has weeded over 256 000km/Squared = 1000 Tennis Courts of weeds and she has planted over 1000 native plants.

We enjoyed listening to Renee's presentation, learning about her life and what she has achieved so far. Her story and the messages that she is spreading to young Australians is people to realise that helping the environment can make a difference and that "anyone can help the  environment no matter how old or young you are its the simple things like composting, recycling and education that will help us to preserve our natural resources.

The presentation that we had from our Young ECO Champion Renee was very interesting. The information helped us to understand her role and what our part is in protecting the environment so that we can have it for a long time yet.

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