Wow, what an experience to be a apart of this amazing program "The Archibull Prize". Our Team consists of all students in Year 6 at Gwynneville Public School, Mrs Eshman -  The Year 6 Teacher, Mrs Stewart chief knitting coordinator and Mrs Devlin Program Coordinator. We also had sub committee members who have helped with our journey. This has included all the staff, parents and students at Gwyneville as well as our wider community. We have all enjoyed being a part of this experience..

Our process began with the arrival of Archie and his introduction to our school. Once we found out our topic "The Wool Industry" we were very excited. Last year we were fortuneate enough to be a part of Dairy Australia's" Great Wall of Dairy" so this was our next challenge.

Our school is situated in Suburbia with approx. 75%  of our children coming from overseas and not many of them having been exposed to sheep farming and wool.
In the initial stages we spoke about what we knew , what we wanted to know and how we would display our Archie.

The process has been a long but an extremely rewarding one. I have been very lucky in that I have been able to spread the message of sustainability to the whole school K -6.
We have had special visitors, Winter Woolies Day, Wool Activities and learn't many new skills. 


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