Why is wool the best Textile to use for clothing?

Here are some of the reasons why wool is the best textile to use for clothing 
               * It is an excellent insulator keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter
               * It can be recycled and reused
               *It is mould and mildew resistant
               *It isn a fire retardant
               *It is breatheable
               *It is non allergenic
               *It is soft on your skin making it comfortable to wear
               *It lasts along time
               *It is wrinkle resistant
               *It is natural making it better for the environment
               *It is biodegradable
               *It doesn't soil easily
               *It is durable
               *It absorbs dyes deeply causing them to fade less
               *It Keeps you warm when wet
               *It is a natural and renewable resource
               *It can be made into a range of garments

Synthetic fabrics have become more common in pieces of clothing in the past 30 years   because of our advances in Technology. We are able to make these garments much cheaper than woollen garments therfore the demand is higher for synthetic fibres.

Synthetic fabrics although they are cheap and readily available they don't have the high quality that is associated with wool. Some of the reasons why they arent consired the best fabric for clothing include

              *It is highly flammable and will stick to your skin if it catches on fire
              * It doesnt last for a long time
              *It doesnt allow your skin to breathe
              *It will fade and lose its shape
              *It isnt a regulator of temperature 
              *It will stain easily
              *It isnt natural it is manmade


Therefore the qualities of wool make it an excellent choice for clothing in all temperatures and in many styles of vlothing. 


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