Well, the day had finally come it was the day that we would give Archie his name. Many names were suggested, but we just couldn't decide on the right one. Time was slipping away  and deadlines were near. Our Archie naming competition had ended and we still weren't able to agree on a name.

Then Mrs Eshman, our very clever Year 6 teacher, had a name, "Baa Baa Bovine". Well at first many of us weren't sure if it was to be the name of our Archie. But once it was explained that Bovine was a cow we discussed and agreed that this was the perfect name for our Archie, a Sheep / Woolly Cow. 

           So, Gwynneville Public School's Archie has now been officially named
                                               "Baa Baa Bovine"
                           But some of us just can't get past calling him 

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