This was to be the most sought after event of the year, "The Gwynneville PS Wool Innovation Fashion Show" which was held  on Wednesday September, 2013. It had been promoted nationwide with top models to be showcased on the catwalk. This fashion show would be a variety of Wool Products such a blankets, jumpers, scarves, dresses, skirts, beanies gloves, suits and pants. 

Guests enjoyed the goody bags that we received on arrival,inside were samples of 
wool and woollen products. We were all waiting to see who the big name models  were going to be. It was really a day all about the models and their product.

How professional the models from Year 6 were strutting their stuff down the catwalk like they were seasoned campers. The audience gazed, clapped and cheered. All of the models wore different styles of clothing which looked fantastic. 

Halfway through the show we finally got to see the much anticipated arrival of the to international models. The first was Mrs Eshman who had travelled all the way from Paris to model a stunning, tight fit, black woollen dress. The second, the most famous of the two Kenny Sutcliff the male model from Mudgee who had arrived straight from the catwalks of London, modelling a magnificent, black woollen suit. The crowd could not take their eyes off the two seasoned models.

All the garments showcased were, in fact, entirely made from wool we couldn't believe how versatile wool is, as we are so use to seeing it as big and chunky. There were so many different styles and textures of clothing.

This Fashion Show most certainly did live up to all expectations with top class models and clothes to die for. There were many orders taken on the day for showcased garments.

We are all hoping that we will be invited to next seasons Fashion Event as we can't wait to see what woollen garments will be on parade next winter

Jessie Sheridan



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