On Friday 9th August Simone one of our very clever parents came in to offer her felt making expertise. Year 6 had the privelege, of working with Simone and learning how to make "Wool Felt Balls" and "Flat Felt".
We would also like to acknowledge "The Illawarra Felt Makers incorporated" who supplied us with the wool for our project

How to make Felt Balls
Step One:
Grab a hand full of raw wool and shape it into a ball
Step Two:
Place the raw wool ball into a stocking, tie the end  ( so no wool comes out) and cut the end.
Step Three:
Place the stockings into the washing machine and use a hot wash. Repeat this process.
Step Four:
Place the Wool Felt Balls out to dry.
Step Five:
Using dyed wool cover the raw wool evenly so that you have no gaps
Step Six:
Decorate your ball of wool using other coloured types of wool ( off cuts)
Step Seven:
Dip your ball into hot water ( making sure its not too hot!) and waiting until all the air bubbles have gone.
Step Eight:
Rub your wool ball with soap and lather until nice and foamy.
Step Nine:
Massage the soapy ball for about 20 mins continually dipping it in the water to keep it nice and wet.
Step Ten:
The ball should start to feel a little firmer. You then need to apply more pressure till it begins to feel like a tennis ball. If it is firm you may stop but if you wish it to be fluffy you can continue to rub the ball in between your hands until you are happy with the fluffiness of your ball.

The following slideshow demonstrates how to make flat felt.

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