"There will be significant costs to the Australian economy and the welfare of all Australians if these are allowed to degrade."

What is Natural Resource Management?
This term refers to the management of land, water, soil, plants and animals with a focus on how management effects the quality of life both in the present and for future generations.

Give some examples of Natural Resource Management?

The Australian Government is investing $2 billion to achieve a real and
measurable difference to Australia’s environment. Caring for our Country funds
projects across the country to achieve national targets - projects that improve
biodiversity and sustainable farm practices.
*    Australia's National Reserve  System is a nation-wide network of  reserves
      especially set up to protect Australia's unique natural environment for
      current and future generations.
*    Australia's unique biodiversity underpins the functioning of our natural and
      productive landscapes, but faces threats from habitat destruction, invasive
      species, pollution and climate change
*    Australia's coasts and critical aquatic habitats are significant  
      environmental assets which are also fundamentally important to the Australian
      lifestyle and economy
*    Over sixty per  cent of Australia's  landscapes are privately owned or leased
      for agricultural production

Why do you think it is important to get it right?
If we don't focus on these environmental issues affecting Australia's Natural Resources we will not have them for future generations.

Think about some of the consequences if we don't manage these resources properly?
There will be no:
*    food
*    textiles for clothing
*    land for farming
*    clean water for drinking and crops


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