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wicked problems."

We hear the word sustainability almost every day. But what does it mean!

Look around you, Sustainability is the people and the land working together like links of a chain ensuring our resources are maintained for future generations.

Australian Farmers make up less than 1% of our population. With todays population approximately 22.68 million. How can they effectively clothe our community if they don't employ sustainable methods of farming?

Wool is a versatile fabric which has many uses. It can be used for gloves, beanies, scarves, socks, dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, skirts and jumpers.

In order to make woollen garments it used to be very time consuming, but with advances in technology we have been able to make items of clothing quicker to supply an ever increasing population.

NSW  has a population of 7.29 million with a current sheep flock of 26 180 000 producing about 140 000 tonnes of wool per year. Throughout NSW we have a large sheep population to supply wool for clothing.

To sustainably clothe NSW we would need to look at   
             * How many wool farmers there are in NSW 
             * How many sheep per flock
             * Expenses of Farming - shearing, wool handlers,wool presses etc
             * Current wool prices - 1128c / kg as of Sept 2013
             * Garments produced
             * Care for the environment - water use
             * Demands of the population
             * Demands of our economy
             * A greater selection of products
             * Recycling products - buy second hand
             * Educating people about wool and its properties

If we want to be truly sustainable we need to understand the impact of our lives and the things we need to survive have on the environment remembering that sheep, the land, food, the farmers and the community all need to support each other in order to support sustainability.


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