For our video we decided to run a Fashion Show. We thought this  would be a fun way to get our whole class involved as well as  showcasing the many garments that can be made from wool. The following is the running sheet for the show. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.

                                            GPS Wool Innovation Fashion Show 2013

Today on our catwalk we are fortuneate enough to have models from all over the world showcasing wool and recycled clothing. You will see a variety of styles and textures of clothing made from wool.We hope that you will enjoy the show while gaining a greater understanding of how important the wool industry is to the Australian Economy and how we need to buy Australian, supporting our local farmers. This show has been developed to emphasise the importance of working towards a sustainable future. 

Well let's get started....
We would like to welcome our special guests Alex - Paparazzi Photographer, Jesse -Gossip Columnist and Dom our Music Director.

First up we have some very colourful felt hats that have been made from lamb's wool. Look at those styles

Next to the catwalk we have a selection of vintage jackets. These jackets are very stylish with a superior drape and natural shine. Keeping you warm on those cold winter days.

Our next model has flown in from Paris for this special occaision.Welcome to the catwalk Jen. Jen is wearing a lovely 100%  wool Country Road business skirt. This particular skirt provides a year round comfort that's lightweight and versatile.

Look at this handsome group strutting their stuff. We have a selection of scarves, beanies, gloves, bed socks and leg warmers.

Vests have been very popular this winter and our next models are wearing a lovely soft
red vest and a hand croteched blue and white vest.

Jumpers this winter are in both vibrant and neutral colours. We have a Jenny Kee designed jumper as one of our feature pieces. Within the design there are many different coloured yarns.

Next on the runway we have another International model Kenny Sutcliff the male model from Mudgee who has travelled the globe. Please welcome him to the runway. The jacket  being modelled comes from this winters collection it is stylish, comfortable and lightweight.

Ugg boots are a must for these colder months. Walking down the runway we have some stylish models wearing ugg boots.

Now we have a Woollen Highland Skirt with a check design matched with a long cream woollen jacket. These garments are a part of our retro range.

Welcome back to the runway Jen. Jen is wearing a very sophisticated long, black wool dress which provides you with next to skin comfort and softness.

Wow, wool can be used in so many different ways. Next we have lamb's wool blankets and a colourful hand knitted poncho.

Walking down the catwalk we have Kenny Sutcliffe male model from  Mudgee wearing one of our most famous brands Country Road. Look at the classic lines of his navy patterened 100% wool jacket.

R.M Williams is another famous Australian brand that uses wool in their clothing. Next we have a stylish R.M Williams skirt made from extra fine merino wool that is so comfortable on the skin.

Wool is such a popular textile. Our next models are wearing business jackets that can be worn all year round that are made from superfine wool.

As you have seen wool can be used on a wide variety of garments woven in many different ways.Wool is a  natural fibre that is a valuable resource which is exported worldwide. 

Give our models a round of applause for a job well done............

Thank You to the following:
Ali  and Arabella - Compares
Dominic - Music Director
Jesse - Gossip Columnist
Alex - Paparazzi (Photographer)
Mr Burns ( Kenny) / Mrs Eshman - Models
Year 6 - Models
Year 5 - Audience

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