Archie's Arrival at Gwynneville Public School
    Archie arrived at our school wrapped in bubble wrap and we couldn't wait to undo
    the plastic and meet him. Once he was released he was able to meet our community and explore our school grounds.

    We were all so excited and couldn't wait to begin this adventure with Archie and learn all about the "Archibul Prize". After a quick tour around the school and short visits in each of the classrooms it was time for a well deserved rest.

    Winter Woolies Day
    On Monday 3rd of June our school held a "Winter Woolies Day" to celebrate the beginning of Winter and to introduce the Primary Industry, that we would be studying "Wool".

    The day began with the arrival of Archie dressed in his Winter Woolies. The whole school were able to wear winter woolies or dress up as sheep characters. The children were  placed into groups that had names from 10 different sheep breeds. These included Merino,Tukidale, Border Leicester, Bond, Poll Dorset, Suffolk, Finn, Corriedale, Aussie Down and Pollwarth.

    Each group rotated and paricipated in activities about Wool.
  • Decorated  Sheep cookies with marshmallows, icing and chocolate after
    reading "Where is the green sheep?" and "Pete the sheep".
  • Sheep Dog Trials where children completed an obstacle course.
  • Shaun the sheep games in the computer room.
  • Finger Knitting and plaiting with wool.
  • Picasso Sheep - decorating sheep with glitter, paint, textas and
  • God's Eyes with coloured wool and sticks.
  • Handprint sheep with cotton wool
  • Making sheep with wool, pegs and cardboard
  • Shearing Sheep using balloons. shaving cream and paddle pop

The highlight of the day was a visit from "Animals on the Move" who bought along 5 lambs. The children were able to feed , pat and play with the lambs. Our senior children were able to discuss the differences in the types of wool, as their were three merino lambs and the other two were Poll Dorset.

Lunch on the day was lamb souvlaki rolls,  sheep on a stick fairy floss and woolly popcorn.

The day was a huge success and a great introduction for both children and staff to the Archibull Prize and our area of study "Wool".

"Winter Woolies Day was a huge success and we were able to learn more about wool"

"Mrs Devlin suprised us with a visit by Animals On The Move and five baby lambs. Year 6 got to walk around the school with the baby lambs. It was Awesome!"

"Winter Woolies Day was one of the best days that we have had at G.P.S because we got to:
* wear mufti
* learn about wool
* be apart of the Archibull Prize
* do lots of really fun activities
Year 6 Students

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