Wow !  What can I say but a Great Big Thank You to everyone who has supported and been a part of The Archibull Prize journey this year at Gwynneville Public School. Our team has worked so hard to complete the artwork and The Blogs. We have enjoyed the whole process of the project and have learnt lots about our classmates along the way.

The following is a list of Acknowledgements of help and support that we have had  throughout the journey of The Archibull Prize:

*The Australian Wool Innovation Ltd for the Excellent Resource Pack that provided 
     us with the information that we used to answer the questions for our blog
*Emily King -  AWI Textile Samples
* Mrs Payne - Gwynneville Public School Principal
*Archibull Commitee for their support throughout the journey
* Gwynneville Public School - Staff, Students and Wider Community
* Animals on The Moove -     1500760354
* Illawarra Feltmakers
* Sheep and Cattle Drome Bathurst
* Australia Coast to Coast Country Style    - February 2013
                                                                - September 2013
* The Land -   Thursday September 12, 2013
                     Thursday September 19, 2013
                     Thursday September 26, 2013
* The Story of Wool in  Australia
               Kandinin Group 2010
               Lamb Print Western Australia
* Wool Resource Kit Workbook
* A Peep at Sheep online supporting resources
* Landlearn N.S.W - Supporting Environmental Education in N.S.W Schools
* Landline -
                    "Wild Dogs"
* Welder - George Georgeou
* Felter - Simone Hackett
* Knitting and Applique Support - Ros Stewart  / Carolyn
* Models / Teachers - Jenni Eshman and Troy Burns
* Year 6  Gwynneville Public School
* Green Pages Annual Directory 2010
* Patons Classic Styles
* Spotlight Knitting Essentials 2008 Winter Collection

Australian Wool Innovation Resources

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